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TrueGrid ROOT™ Paver

$2.85 Sq. Ft.

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TRUEGRID ROOT™ Grass Pavers – (18 Pack, 72 sf)

  • INSTANT GRASS PAVING: No excavation! No permits! Press into existing grass for immediate use. 100% permeable.
  • EASY-DIY-INSTALL: Wet grass area thoroughly and press into surface with heavy roller. Thats it!
  • PARK ON GRASS: No more ruts, mud. Stabilized grass surface.
  • NO MAINTENANCE: Mow grass as normal. Grass grows up through grid. 100% permeable
  • BEST USES: Grass parking, RV & boat pads, pet areas/dog runs, muddy yards, community green spaces, concert venues, patios, trails, pool skirts & more.
  • No staking.



  • Highly resistant to oils, gasoline, acids, salt, ammonia, and alcohol.
  • May be saw cut…
  • PATENTED Design yields ultimate hoop strength.
  • Circular elements provide multi-directional crush and shear strength.
  • Flexible links allow expansion and contraction depending on environmental conditions.
  • Built in X-Anchors allows weight of filler to hold grid down without any extra staking.
  • Interlocking connectors.


Ground Preparation: Depends upon site condition and local conditions.

    1. Wet the grass and soil area thoroughly. Press down with feet to lock grid into place.
    2. Repeat until area is covered with connected grid.
    3. Press ROOT™ into the grass with a heavy roller. No anchors needed.

That’s it! Park and drive on your stabilized ROOT™ grass pavement. No ruts.

TrueGrid may be cut on site. Pre-cutting is not required. Angle grinder, circular saw, compass saw, or handsaw are all options to cut TRUEGRID.

Additional information

Weight 5.2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 1 ft

2 reviews for TrueGrid ROOT™ Paver

  1. Max Fuqua

    Works as advertised! Buried in established grass in a weekend, year looks great, cars drive over without leaving ruts!

  2. Benjo

    I have around 1200sf I’d love to be able to drive on without making huge ruts. Tried to get better pricing from the manufacturer’s resellers, but it was within $25 of the amazon price! So I bought one pack as a test, which is what I’m reviewing.My soil is sandy and rocky, but turns to mush for a month or two a year when the ground deeper down is frozen and the top gets rain or the snow cover melts. I tried installing in the fall after heavy rain; fail. Wouldn’t sink in with a 12×12 tamper, lawn roller, or even a vehicle on a single square. Waited until a 2″ rain this week (in January) and had much better luck. Still had to use the tamper to smash down certain portions, but it went down.I can tell already that it needs grass to really remain stable/at the top…I have an area without grass where a trailer had been parked, and it’s very muddy already (maybe 1/4″ of mud over the pavers). This is expected though, you can’t expect a 1″ deep plastic grid to stay stable on its own on a sea of gelatinous muck.We’ll see how things look after this spring. These things are expensive, but I hate gravel, don’t want asphalt (would also be about 10x the price and if I pulled permits the town likely wouldn’t approve adding impervious surface). Did I mention the wife approves? That too.Update: Added photo…Decided to rearrange the tiles before things dried/froze to be the full width. This is one pack 10 feet wide (not exactly a lot of coverage for $180), but they are performing pretty well so far…Come spring the grass should certainly improve the aesthetics.

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