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Test New Product

$2.85 Sq. Ft.

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Call For Bulk Discounts (Over 800 Sq. Ft.)

PRO LITE is sold online based on required sq. ft. of project and available for pickup or delivery in Boston


  • Residential uses from driveways, pathways, parking pads, storage areas, etc.
  • Grass or gravel fill.
  • Strong, durable surface.
  • Easy 4-step installation.
  • No staking.
  • Ships within 24 hours.



  • Highly resistant to oils, gasoline, acids, salt, ammonia, and alcohol
  • May be saw cut…
  • PATENTED Design yields ultimate hoop strength.
  • Circular elements provide multi-directional crush and shear strength.
  • Flexible links allow expansion and contraction depending on environmental conditions.
  • Built in X-Anchors allows weight of filler to hold grid down without any extra staking.
  • Interlocking connectors.


Ground Preparation: Depends upon site condition and local conditions.

  • Suggested Sub-base:1/2” – 1-1/2” diameter clean/washed, angular gravel. Depth of this layer should be a minimum of 2”- 6”. For additional drainage, increase depth of sub-base. Gravel/sandy soil mix (60/40) is suggested for grass fill applications. Level sub-base before laying TrueGrid.
  • Installation: Layout and snap together pre-assembled sheets (9 pcs per layer = 16 sq/ft). If body weight does not level the grids, use plate vibrator or heavy cylinder to level.
  • Backfill: Any angular or round medium may be used. Fill cells with filler of choice. 1” diameter or smaller is recommended for gravel fill. 3/8″ diameter or smaller is recommended for ADA compliance.


TrueGrid may be cut on site. Pre-cutting is not required. Angle grinder, circular saw, compass saw, or handsaw are all options to cut TRUEGRID.

Additional information

Weight 5.2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 1 ft


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